Expander World 2020 is postponed until further notice. New dates will be announced. Stay safe.

Day 1


Conference kick-off and welcome


Welcome to the future – drivers and goals

Keynote from Gisle Jentoft, CEO


From ego-system to eco-system

Cathrine Mula Davis introduces a new collaboration model for success in the cloud eco-system.


Technology trends and an outside view of SuperOffice

Keynote from Allessandro Rossini, PhD, Senior Manager Business Technology,  PwC


Future growth of the SuperOffice platform

Keynote from Guttorm Nielsen, CPO


Product & SDK update

See Erik Eide, Michel Krohn-Dale, and Tony Yates demonstrating the most recent and upcoming new features and how they translate into the APIs.


Panel session with R&D

Ask and get answers to your burning questions


Expanded CRM solutions showcased

Be inspired by Boyan Yordanov from Amiblu Holding GmbH, a large and complex SuperOffice customer. Followed by a demonstration from Øivind Urdal and Jan Andersen on how the app universe enhances CRM solutions.




Welcome, social evening


Dinner and entertainment
Day 2 / Developer track


OAuth and OpenID Connect 

Tony Yates

Learn the ins and outs of today’s most popular protocols for authentication/authorization for online applications.

Level 100


SuperOffice authentication

Tony Yates

A presentation of the authentication options for onsite and online applications, including how-to and guidance for using SuperOffice NuGet packages, as well as 3rd party Oauth 2.0 and OpenID Connect libraries.

Level 200


Partner cloud infrastructure

Matthijs Wagemakers

An overview of SuperOffice CRM Online partner cloud infrastructure, application management, and tenant management systems.

Level 200


A blueprint for successful app deployment

Tony Yates

A walkthrough from registering as a partner and the first app, to setup of project requirements, certification, to getting listed in the SuperOffice App Store.

Level 300


Cloud delivery and partner model 2.0 from a security perspective

Watchcom AS, Margrethe Romnes, and Gaute Holmin

Watchcom will outline what threats exist in the online environment and what you need to know to mitigate a breach of security in your cloud infrastructure. Followed by Margrethe and Gaute who explain the new requirements, methods, and tools available to you to ensure your continued compliance and success in the SuperOffice App Store.

Level 200

Day 2 / Consultancy track


Extending SuperOffice using available Expander tools

Michel Krohn-Dale

A whirl-wind tour across all the internal extendability tools available via Expander Services. Learn about the possibilities, requirements through various use-cases to exemplify the tools.

Level 100


Adding value using CRMScript

Petter Näslund & Donatas Sasnauskas

CRMScripts can automate and streamline many processes in SuperOffice. Petter and Donatas and will take you through some do’s and don’t’s of CRMscripts using our own experiences as examples.

Level 200


Adding value via standard integration tools

Christian Mogensen, Luke Buckley, Pierre van Mever, and Lars Dyre Jespersen

Understand when and how to use Zapier, ConnectMyApps, DataBridge and Integration Cloud. Showcasing each of these tools with real-life examples to help you get started.

Level 100


Extended Migration Services

Øivind Urdal & Jan Andersen

A walkthrough of our best practices and options for how to help larger and more complex customers to migrate to the cloud.

Level 100


Understanding System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM)

Jens Glattetre

Describes how SuperOffice uses this protocol to simplify identity management between SuperOffice and Azure Active Directory, and potentially others.

Level 200

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