2 days · 20 sessions · 200 attendees · 1 magical social event · plenty of interesting keynotes and useful workshops

Join your fellow developers, technical architects, commercial managers and consultants at SuperOffice Expander World 2020.

Be inspired

Listening to and discussing real-life use cases and solutions with other experts in the field.

Get motivated

By what’s going on in the industry, networking, sharing with and hearing from your peers about new developments.


About the latest developments in the SuperOffice product, platform, APIs and business opportunities.

Listen to these and other speakers

SuperOffice CEO Gisle Jentoft

Gisle Jentoft

Chief Executive Officer, SuperOffice AS

SuperOffice CTO Guttorm Nielsen

Guttorm Nielsen

Chief Product Officer, SuperOffice AS

SuperOffice Software Developer / Software Evangelist Tony Yates

Tony Yates

Software Engineer / Developer Advocate, SuperOffice AS

Erik Eide presenting

Erik Eide

Product Director, SuperOffice AS

Portrait of Alessandro Rossini

Alessandro Rossini

PhD, Senior Manager Business Technology, PwC Consulting

Tony Yates

Tony Yates

Software Engineer / Developer Advocate, SuperOffice AS

Two blue clouds

Excel in the SuperOffice cloud ecosystem

The continued digitalization of the customer journey drives the need for new ways to sustain customizations within a cloud environment. Data is central to enabling future success, as are automations, integrations, and a razor-sharp focus on the customer experience.

Digitalization also drives the need for real, human conversations. As users, advisors, or developers of apps and CRM solutions, we all need to expand and develop our businesses. To achieve super growth, we need to evolve, innovate, and allow ourselves to think BIG.

Big thoughts grow bigger with conversations with like-minded people, and Expander World is the arena for these conversations to take place. Meet and explore ideas with your peers in the CRM industry, learn what works in the cloud eco-system with SuperOffice R&D.

Join the discussion. Share your thoughts. And, ultimately, discover new ways to add value to customers’ CRM investments.

What people say

As much as we enjoy the opportunity to talk about SuperOffice, it is still your experience that is the key focus for us! That’s why we’re inviting people from all over Europe for two days of total immersion in our products and APIs.

Having you and your peers meet and find new knowledge that makes a difference in your daily work is always our ultimate goal for this event.

So, every year, we collect feedback which helps us improve. And every year, we are delighted and humbled by the wonderful appraisals from participants who have come, seen, and been inspired.

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